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Rena Marks

A totally new world, so unique! My emotions were rolling while reading this story. To have a second chance at love after death, WOW! I am now following this series and Rena Marks!! I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.


In a future Earth, all governments have combined into one solid platform for the entire planet, the Global Government. Our protector and benefactor. Funded by them, Crested Utilitarian Laboratories has hired a doctor and a computer genius for a special, top secret project.

Alien life forms had been discovered, and the tissue samples kept in secret files. The laboratory has used DNA from the various life forms to create a new alien/human hybrid. Unfortunately, they can't revive the beings without help, and they're willing to pay an exorbitant amount to bring them to life.

However, when the new beings are revived, it's discovered that not all is as it seems. These poor creatures aren't being revived from scratch. They're being RE-awakened, and for what purpose our doctor and computer genius are just beginning to discover.

It's up to two brave women to save these creatures from the rest of the world.

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From her Amazon Author Page:

Rena Marks is the only author who didn't start writing at the tender age of five. Instead, it was summer of 2006 when she decided to write.

She completed four novels and published two of the four by January of 2007. She stopped writing in 2009.

However, as of 2015, she decided to request the rights back to her novels and venture into the world of self-publishing. In 2016, she began writing again.

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