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This is the story of the Original Charter President "MadDog", Fury's father, and Sniper/Bates's little sister Mary-Ann. In real life I'm not sure I would be okay with this. That's what is so great about books! This is my favorite so far, and I think it will remain for the rest of the series. We will certainly see. I like how for the most part the age difference doesn't really get in the way. It makes sense, MadDog even kind of prepared the reader for it. He was looking for a do over, a restart, and he got it. A new opportunity for kids and the whole everything. 

Mary-Ann is exactly how I always imagine a President's old Lady to be, and typically they always fall short. Not in this case. Her brother being a patch member prepared her for this role in life more than she ever realized. The author did a good job and just making the two fit despite such a large age difference. It's not creepy or weird even when maybe it should be.

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I was born and raised in a small farming town in California. I met my husband when I was 16 and he was 19. We married four years later and have two little boys! We lived in Oregon for a few years while he served in the US Coast Guard.

Texas is now where we call home, where our boots rest, and where we’re raising our two little boys and a chocolate lab named Optimus Prime.

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