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Ruby Shae

I love when things come together in a book and in the beginning your thinking that it can never happen!! Grayson had me pretty worried that no one could ever "manage" him being so dark. Then along comes Zoe who is facing the worst bullying and grief ever. How could this work? Throw in a crazy ex, a witchy ex best friend and an amazingly hot love story and then you know your reading Panther Sentinel!! Short but sweet, and did I say HOT???!!!

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Grayson Devereaux, panther shifter, and the youngest brother to the new pride alpha, knows he’s too messed up to ever have a mate. After the things he’s done, he doesn’t deserve one, and he’s okay with that. Besides, he’d rather be alone than watch someone he loves run away in fear.

Curvy girl, Zoe Watson, is contemplating giving up men. After recently losing her father, and finding out her ex-boyfriend’s true character, she’s ready to forget relationships and focus on work…until she sees Grayson for the first time.

When their eyes lock from opposite sides of the room, the murderous look on Grayson’s face tells Zoe she should stay away, but there’s something more. Something that calls to her. Grayson feels it too, but he won’t give in. He can’t. He doesn’t deserve a mate. Not even one who buries all of his darkness with her light, and doesn’t seem to be afraid of him. Grayson is determined to be alone, but Zoe—and fate—have other plans.

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I’m a curvy, full-time, USA TODAY Bestselling Author who loves chocolate, ice cream and coffee. My favorite color is blue, and when I’m not writing, I’m reading, crocheting or watching movies. I write sizzling, sexy, shifter romance featuring women in all their beautiful forms and the alpha men who love them. Until I find my own tall, muscle bound, alpha male, shape shifter…I’ll keep writing about them.

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