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Wow...I'm a little speechless right now. So please bear with me as I gather my thoughts. 

This was an emotional story. Sammie was instantly one of my favorite characters from the first book. She is the underdog of the team, having only played in a beer league, but she doesn't seem to let that stop her. She hits the ice and grinds it out. She's tough even if she doesn't always portray that toughness.

From the jump I knew Lisa was going to destroy me with this book. Jon has a complicated story, but what is really interesting is that at no point did I hate him. You can't really blame him for feeling the way he did because of what he went through. Did his decisions have large consequences? Sure, but he will have to live with that for the rest of his life. 

My worry as I started reading this one was that these two were going to bounce around like ping pong balls with indecision for a while, frustrate the crap out of me, and drive me crazy. Super relived when that didn't happen and really excited to see more of the team dynamics. We are really getting to see more and more of the team bonding moments, and it's fun to watch these women discover how much they really have to offer. Not just in life, and in personal relationships, but to hockey in general. 

Lisa was pulling on the heart strings this entire book, until we get to Shannon's big moment. I know this isn't really her book, but I already had a serious case of the feels going into that scene. Between the sweet interactions with the little fan, and the steamy sexual tension between Shannon and Caleb it sucked me in even more. Now I'm sitting here finished with the book, and impatient about waiting for the next one. Netflix has spoiled us into binge watching our favorite shows and movies, and I just want to binge this series that isn't even released yet. Why is the universe so cruel?

I know, too melodramatic. I guess I'll just have to wait like everyone else. Luckily the next in the York Bombers Series, Playing It Safe, by Lisa B. Kamps comes out on February 21st, 2018. So I won't have to wait too long for another of her amazing stories. 


Because sometimes love is the hardest game of all…

Sammie Reigler is done with men. At least, with one man in particular: her ex-husband. She fell head-over-heels in love, blindly jumped into marriage—and promptly had her heart broken when her husband served her with divorce papers while he was overseas. She picked up the shattered remnants of her life and took their daughter back home to Baltimore, where she started a new life working as a teacher—and playing hockey for the Chesapeake Blades. Now if only she could ignore the emptiness that haunts her in the middle of the night…

Nobody who knew him would call Jonathan Reigler a coward, but that was exactly what he was. Two years ago, at one of the lowest points in his life, he walked away from the only woman who ever mattered—and lost a piece of his soul in the process. Now it's time to win his family back, and he'll stop at nothing to regain the love and trust of the one woman who means more to him than life itself.


Lisa B. Kamps is the author of the best-selling series The Baltimore Banners, featuring "...hard-hitting, heart-melting hockey players..." [USA Today], on and off the ice. Her Firehouse Fourteenseries features hot and heroic firefighters who put more than their lives on the line. She's introduced a whole new team of hot hockey players who play hard and love even harder in her newest series, The York Bombers.

Her newest series, The Chesapeake Blades, focuses on the strong women of ice hockey and the men who love them.

Lisa currently lives in Maryland with her husband and two sons (who are mostly sorta-kinda out of the house), one very spoiled Border Collie, two cats with major attitude, several head of cattle, and entirely too many chickens to count. When she's not busy writing or chasing animals, she's cheering loudly for her favorite hockey team, the Washington Capitals--or going through withdrawal and waiting for October to roll back around!


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