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Love War by Cary Hart is about Aubrey and Drew. 

Aubrey and Drew are out of recent disastrous relationships, and both have a daughter. The story contains some of the typical divorce drama, and some of the almost unbelievable fantastical drama.

I wanted to like Doug in the beginning, he seemed to really want to put his daughter first, but then he showed a bit of his narcissistic ways and I wanted to punch him.

A couple of the things that really threw me:

  1. Coors Light in a Bottle – It’s is an oddly specific request for a beer, especially since it’s not really considered high end. It must be a favorite of the author, but that language used around buying felt out of place within the context of the book. It’s a minor gripe, really, if that is the only issue with a book it’s amazing. It just pulled me out of my absorbed ready state everything it got brought up.
  2. Nik – Aubrey’s best friend. Let me first say I freaking love her, however, their friendship doesn’t make the most sense. There was a brief explanation as to how they met, but nothing with real emotion. I’d like a little more explanation about how these besties came to be so tight, and how the emotional trust was built.
  3. While the sex was well written and steamy, I kind of wanted at least one more good scene. There was a lot of drama, and I get that life with kids means you don’t always get around to the sex, but this is a new relationship. I wanted a little more of the hot and heavy action.


Overall, I really did enjoy this book. Drew is swoon-worthy, and my heart broke with his pain. Can’t wait until the next in the series on October 5th!


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