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Happy Thanksgiving!

We're having a quiet Thanksgiving day with family and friends at Magi Romance.  We're probably drinking too much wine and eating too much food.  Football may be on the TV, but we're likely curled up with a good book.

We know that we have a lot to be thankful for this year and we'll be taking some time to reflect upon that.  We're thankful for our listeners, our readers, the authors who inspired us, and our amazing husbands who help make doing the blog and podcast possible. We are also profoundly grateful to the romance community as a whole for this loving and supportive environment where we can come together.

We hope that you are having a lovely day with your family and friends. 


If any of you are planning on shopping tonight, we wish you luck in your shopping finds! If you're shopping tomorrow, get your rest tonight so you can fight the crowds. 

If you're looking for some Black Friday book deals, check these out:

Check back tomorrow for our latest episode.  If you want to know what we read or what we're reading next check out our read along page.

By Shalan

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