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Hallmark 2018 Ornaments:

Holiday Romance Edition!

Hallmark 2018 Ornaments
Hallmark 2018 Ornaments

How gorgeous are these ornaments?!?  Last year I included the 2017 ornaments as a bonus entry on our 2017 Hallmark Channel post.  This year I decided we should create a separate post. The Hallmark 2018 Ornaments are beautiful as usual.

My personal favorites are the watch, cactus, hot air balloon, and to the moon and back heart.  I'm very tempted to pick up the cactus ornament as my husband and I often tell each other "you're stuck with me". Which is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below.

One of the ways I indulge in personal Holiday Romance is that I normally buy a new ornament each year to commemorate our time together.  Sometimes it's a souvenir from a trip we took and other times it's whatever the cutest ornament I could find at Hallmark.  Officially our tree is full now, so no new ornaments unless I convince hubby to get us a new tree.  Or maybe impulse will take over.

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