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This was an interesting way to write an MC Romance in my opinion. Anyone who follows Magi Romance knows I'm the go to MC Romance reader on our team, and I read a lot of it. This next month is a bit of MC Romance overload for us. This story was about Ava and Guard (Gabriel). The book was written completely from Ava's perspective and almost as if you were inside her head. Or as if she were telling the reader her story, as if you were standing there invisible to watch her. There is not really anything wrong with that, however, that means that you missed a lot of the inner workings of the club business. Typically you see MC Romances written from multiple perspectives. This allows you to see the inner club workings from the patch member's perspective, and what being on the outside as an old lady is like. 

Did I enjoy the book? Yes, it was a little light and fluffy for me. I liked that Ava addressed some of the things like ownership and what not, at least to herself, that most of us ladies would feel in this lifestyle. I'm okay with my man being a caveman once in a while, it can be hot, but autonomy and independence have value as well. I feel that Ava deals with that pretty well. I wish there was more drama, it was mostly smooth sailing until the end. 

This book did what a lot of MC Romances do, at least for me. I find the first book I like, but I'm not overtly thrilled over. Maybe this is because they are introducing all these new elements. By the end they've typically introduced me to another story, the next in the series that I can't wait to pick up. That is no different here. Getting a sneak peak at what we can hope to find with War and Maddie has me excited, and I can't wait for the next release in this series. 

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A. G. Kirkham was born in a very small town in Italy and came to Toronto, Canada, at the age of three. Her favorite time in school was getting lost in the books. That feeling has never left, and she has been writing short stories and poems from an early age.

Her world is filled with off-beat friends and family who make her life zany and unique—all the better for enhancing the creativity in her work! She was always the “good” girl growing up, and somewhere along the way her “rebel” girl has emerged in her books and in life.

Reveling in the wonders of a loving family and writing each day bring profound joy into every day. She considers herself blessed in every way.

By Mellissa

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